Mall Video & Audio IP

Video and audio technology for a smooth management

Solutions what impact all your senses

What customers see and hear can be a decisive factor during the shopping process. Connect with them through music and visual impacts. Design new solutions from from any part of the world. With our IP audio and video solutions you can manage remotely your store in real time by playing music and audio advertising campaigns.

You will BE ABLE TO

  • have a Safe and HD images

    Be present to manage your shopping center remotly. See even the smallest detail with a sharp zoom and ensure the safety of your customers thanks to the intelligent pixelation of faces.

  • obtain a high-quality sound

    You can send messages and promotions to your customers using neuromarketing techniques. Compare the music reproduction with your sales resoults..

  • have a guaranteed integration and a pleasant experience

    Our systems are adapted to the infrastructure, that you already have. Access the data and images to control playback from a single remote access point.


Supervise everything that happens in your shopping center and take an advantage  from it. Use our Axis IP Audio and Video solutions for the security management of your center and communication through IP speakers to improve sensory marketing. What your clients see and hear from the moment they enter until they leave your center is very important, it will determine the length of their stay and if they will come back to your mall

Get the maximum return by capturing your clients with a visual and audio content. Through music or visual impacts you will be able to organize advertising campaigns in a  more efficient way. You will have enough data to know in what time or place in the center should you place it to launch a successful advertisement. Distribute the ads by areas, depending on the movements or capacity.

Our recording system in shopping centers allows you to manage your shopping center with greater performance. In this way, you will be able to observe everything that happens guaranteeing the safety of your clients thanks to the intelligent pixelation of faces.

We adapt to the existing infrastructure to install our system, so your investment will be amortized in the shortest time possible.

Show messages and promotions to your customers using neuromarketing techniques through Ip audio playback in your shopping center and see, for example, what sales you get depending on the music. What we hear affects a lot our mood, use audio IP to control the decisions of your clients.

MIRAME.NET offers you the latest technology in IP Axis audio and video solutions for shopping centers. Also offering security solutions, since you will have controlled all accesses in addition to the interior, you can modify situations at the same time. Manage by video everything that may happen in your shopping center and apply the appropriate improvements for better performance.

Neuromarketing applied

The ear is involved in the mood and the process of purchasing decisions. Stay close to your customers during their visit in your shopping center.

Sistema de control de aforo

Make your resources to be more profitable

We adapt our system to the infrastructure of your shopping center. Your investment will be amortized and returned in the fastest possible time. Be modern by applying our technology

Experience and security

Manage the operations remotely and connect with the clients of your center. The security is guaranteed thanks to intelligent pixelation and safe cloud space.


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