Mall Sales Monitoring

Electronic sales audit for real-time control of all the transactions of each business unit.


Control all the transactions carried out at the POS of the different operators installed in your Shopping Center. An unique and innovative centralized monitoring tool to access real-time sales information in each business unit. Forget claiming the operators to fill in the sales!

You will could

  • Have all the data, you need

    You will have history of the sales volume for each commercial space and you will be able to establish new business opportunities

  • Use digital installation

    Perform the sales audit electronically and eliminate tthe on-site inspections, weekly and monthly sales listings, or clerical errors

  • Access and integrate it remotely

    Our systems are adapted to the POS infrastructure that the operator has. Access data and analytics from a remote access point.


Our MALL SALES MONITORING system allows electronic monitoring of sales in each of the commercial units that are in your center, capturing all the tickets and uploading them to a platform that helop you to know the mix of products that are sold at each moment of the day, as well as the totals for each operator.

It is an extraordinary solution for the management of sales analysis within the shopping center. MIRAME.NET offers you this financial management system for your shopping center with which you can have centralized supervision of the sales information of each business unit in real time. You will not need to be aware of receiving this data weekly or monthly or eliminating the realization of face-to-face inspections, since with our management and sales software for shopping centers you can do it at any time you need it.

Our sales analysis system for shopping centers adapts to the POS equipment available to each operator, by remote access. Have sales statistics of each business unit available and check what new businesses you can establish in your center.

With the assistant for the management of your shopping center, it will be easier for you to collect up-to-date information ,  anticipate actions to increase the sales and to know if the space is adapted to the demands of the market by performing electronic audits that will override clerical errors.

You will get a clearer view of your customer´s’ preferences and thus know which products are the most in demanded to act accordingly. With our sales analysis system, you will have everything controlled from any point and at the necessary time without having to carry out an expensive search for the information you need at all times.

Profitability and business vision

Having up-to-date and real-time information about sales in your shopping center allows you to organize and plan actions to improve your sales.

Sistema de control de aforo

Efficient supervision

Determine if the mix of your shopping center is adapted to the demands of your market and carry out electronic audits eliminating administrative errors.

Target well defined

With all the sales data you will be able to have a more defined view of the customer's preferences in your shopping center and know what their favorite products are.

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