Mall Cleaning Manager

Management and control of cleaning shifts in restrooms and common areas

manage your cleaning team

Efficiently organize the cleaning services and equipment of your Shopping Center.

We provide you all the control over the management of cleaning system in your restrooms   and common areas. Our automatic system will alert your cleaning team when it is  necessary to clean the restrooms.

You decide after how many people or after how much time the rest rooms should be cleaned and avoid the unnecessary rounds of your cleaning team to check the facilities. Save  products, time, money and offer to your clients always clean common aeras and rest rooms. This solution will also allow you to check in real time all the statistics of the services performed.

You Will be able to...

  • Manage the operations

    Reduce costs of time and money in cleaning shifts by optimizing the work of cleaning team, avoiding unnecessary rounds of cleaning staff in your Shopping Center.

  • Increase satisfaction of your clients and employees

    Manage the auxiliary process to each area according to needs, it guarantees that visitors to your center will have an excellent experience.

  • Strategic information

    With our data collect solution you will be able to establish correct KPIs to improve the experience your clients


Manage and organize efficiently the cleaning processes of your shopping center. Have a possibility to check in real time which areas need these services  through our CLEANING SERVICE MANAGER, which will automatically alert your teams when necessary to clean the facilities.

Having a good coordination of your cleaning teams in the restrooms and common areas, will reduce costs of time and money as they are warned by alerts ato clean when it is needed.  You will know how to eliminate unnecessary cleaning rounds in your shopping center.

The auxiliary equipment will be able to reinforce the service as needed, sending them to those areas of more affluence guaranteeing the best experience of the visitors getting their loyalty and return.

The customers will be able to check in real time when the last cleaning was done with screens placed in the restrooms, thus disappearing the signature sheets used so far.

With the system offered by MIRAME.NET, you can establish the necessary KPIS to make the stay of the visitors in your mall as flattering as possible. You can will know the times of flow between each service and how fast your cleaning team react after receiving the alert.

CLEANING SERVICE MANAGER control cleaning processes to get a better profitability of your areas. If the time of your team is well managed, they clean only when it is necessary so, you will save more products, money and time.

Our system will allow you to know when should you schedule your cleaning teams and in when you need a greater reinforcement of the staff . Have satisfied customers 100% of the time, they spend in your shopping center.

Wherever you are, you will know the level of satisfaction of your customers with the services that you offer through a 100% digital tool with real time data.


In addition to being able to know in real time the state of cleanliness of each toilet, you will be able to organize your cleaning teams in shifts and maintain control over the service needs.

Sistema de control de aforo


A tool with which you can reduce costs and improve the profitability of your spaces. The time of your teams will be well invested and will translate into economic savings for your mall

Sistema de control de aforo


A 100% digital tool that allows you to know in real time, wherever you are, the level of satisfaction of the visitors with the services of your shopping center.


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