FAST QUEUE system retail

Reduce Queue Waiting Time and improve the satifaction of your clients

Queue management system

It is proven, that an incorrect management of queues is a main reason of dissatisfaction of the clients. Reduce the waiting time to the absolut minimum, offer a loyalty program and increase the value of the tickets. Offer a better experience for your clients.

sistema de gestión de colas

You Will be able to

  • Offer a shorter waiting time to the cash desk

    If the number of people is higher than expected our solution will notify your staff by a text message tohelp them to take an inmediate action.

  • Increase the productivity of the shifts of your staff

    Check if your staff is in the correct the place- there where the clients require their help and know the rush hours periods.

  • Optimizate and design your comercial area

    Analize the trends and the behaviours of your client. Know how many clients are in your store and how much time spend each of them in different areas.


One of the biggest problems in a retail business is an incorrect queue management, which can cause a dissatisfaction of your customers. The more you optimize the waiting time to the cash desk , the more loyalty of your customers you get. This leads you to have more satisfied clients.

RETAIL BETTER QUEUE for queue management, allows you to know the number of waiting clients in all the areas of your establishment and evaluate if the staff is where the customer needs their help.  By knowing the peak hours and the behavior of customers, you will be able to organize the schedules of your staff in more effective way.

Our system analyzes trends in consumer behaviors and allows to optimize all the processes and improve the design of your establishment to create a more satisfactory shopping experience.

It also allows to know the average of waiting time in lines. There will be sent a text message, if the number of clients waiting in the queue exceeds a desired amount, so you can react fast by increasing the staff or reinforcing the payment line at that time.

If you know the average waiting time in lines, you can use that time to display communications and promote more products of your Retail.

It will allow you to increase the level of customers commitment and improve the sales of your retail with the RETAIL BETTER QUEUE queue management system from MIRAME.NET It will increase the performance of your retail.

contador de personas

Achieve a better sales result

By speeding up waiting times to the cash desk, your Retail will increase the customer's satisfaction and you will achieve more sales.

Sistema de control de aforo

Collect data of your clients

Know the average time spent in the lines and other commercial areas. Use that time for cross selling offers.

contador de personas

Improve the planification process in your Retail.

You will be able to manage better the schedules of your staff, know the ratios of attention at the cash register and guarantee the productivity of employees.


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