Heat maps in your store

Retail Heatmap

We measure the level of the traffic and the behaviour of the clients.

A virtual analysis solution for your retail

Knowing the routes of your customers through the center and commercial units, allows you to better organize and manage the areas of greatest interest and affluence. Review and store all the data, in a visual way  and in a unique software that you can access from anywhere.

You Will be able to

  • Manage your store in real time

    Know areas of interest of your clients, manage lineas, staff and the occupancy.

  • Optimize commercial area

    Know the problematic areas in your Retail and set up pattrns for a better organization of your products a more profiteable business.

  • Easily integrate and adapt

    It's possible to integrate it with IP camras with video surveillance. If you already use any other system, we can integrate it to our solutions.

BENEFITS of heatmap for retail

When it comes to the distribution of all the elements of our Retail, knowing the areas of interest of your customers is essential. Retail Heatmap system allows you to have a better organization and manage the areas of greatest interest.

The Retail Heatmap system provides you visual information through areas represented by colors according to the influx of the moment and the paths most used by customers, indicating the most visited areas.

 You will be able to act in real time, which will allow you manage better your staff. You will be also able to anticipate the needs of your customers in each area, have a better queue management and know the flow of people and their routes through your store.

If you know the areas the most visited areas bye your customers, you will place your visual merchandising elements in correct places to achieve the desired impact and return.

With our system you will obtain an unique information that will allow you to make the best decisions. Those improvements for staff management, will help you to establish all the needed processes in correct areas of your retail. 

All the information is managed centrally, so you get the agility in making decisions regarding the stuff and the advertisement. This way you will increase sales and have a better space design.

We offer an easy integration with your current IP camera video surveillance systems. If your establishment already has a similar system, we adapt our solution to it without major complications.

Gain your competitors with the most advanced Heatmapping system and increase the sales.

contador de personas

Increase sales

Distribute and place the most interesting products your customers, in the most visited areas of your commercial space.

Sistema de control de aforo

Collect data

Fast access to your control panel to supervise all the corners of your Retail.

Design functional spaces

Obstacle-free customer journeys and maximize the profitability of your commercial space.


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