Profitable paths in commercial spaces

MALL People Flow Distribution

We analyze the most frequent routes that your visitors follow

Find the most profitable paths

Detect common paths in your shopping center. Use this information to take an immediate action on the areas of greatest interest and influx. You can set up variables such as security, temperature and opening of accesses to guarantee an excellent user experience.

You Will be able to...

  • have a Real-time monitoring and management

    Analyze how your customers move around your establishment and which areas have the biggest interest. Manage queues, staff and customer flow.

  • OptimizE YOUR commercial space

    Identify the areas of greatest influx and establish dynamics for the organization possible.

  • have an easy integration and adaptation

    Our solution can be integrated into IP network cameras for video surveillance. If you already have a system we try to adapt, if not we install it for you.


MIRAME.NET, offers you PEOPLE FLOW DISTRIBUTION a system that allows you to know which routes are the most used by your customers within your shopping center and supported by heat maps that provide visual information through colors of the most visited areas of the center. It let you know in real time the exact position of your customers, which allows you to more design the location of visual merchandising, define security, areas that need a reinforcement in cleaning, etc.

You will obtain all the information immediately and it will help you to act at the moment on the areas of greatest interest and influx. You will be able to foresee where to reinforce or minimize security or if the opening of accesses must be increased, for example, all this to guarantee customer satisfaction.

By knowing the position of your clients, the routes of the customers or the traffic in your shopping center will help you analyze the areas of greatest interest. You will be able to manage the queues and the flow of customers avoiding crowds in your center, organizing the stuff distribution by placing them in the space.

With our system you will be able to know the needs of your users or staff and it will give you the opportunity to improve in everything that helps to improve the options of your center. If the degree of satisfaction increases, it will help to obtain a greater benefit.

Knowing at what times there is a greater influx of people, how many clients repeat the purchase, will allow you to have a better organization of the actions that you are going take to improve your shopping center.

Get more commitment from your customers, with our access management and personalize the experiences for them.

Our MALL PEOPLE FLOW DISTRIBUTION system can be integrated into the IP network cameras used for video surveillance, trying to adapt to the system available to your shopping center.

Sistema de control de aforo

Improve the management

Knowing the hours of maximum audience, the percentage of repetition and occupation, will allow you to better plan the actions of your shopping center.

Sistema de control de aforo

Make the space profitable

Determine the needs of your shopping center in relation to your users and employees to offer them a space they need and that an advantage of it .

Sistema de control de aforo

Better shopping experiences

By optimally managing accesses and personalizing experiences for your users, you can guarantee greater loyalty for your frequent customers.


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