REtail Street Counter

We provide you the number of the potential customers that pass in front of your establishment.

Determine your potential audience

Knowing your customers is important but also knowing who else you can reach to increase your audience. With Street counter you will have all the information of how many people pass by your Retail, in the street or in the Shopping Center.

You Will be able to

  • Automatize counting & real-time analysis

    Get the data of how many people pass by your retail and if they stop to take a look at your offer.

  • All the bases to determine the conversion

    Know how many people that pass by your retail decide to enter.

  • Have an effortless integration and pleasant experience

    Control the data in our Web Report ™ a fully integrated software that also exports to your ERP.


Knowing the number of people that enter to your establishment is very helpful to grow your business, but the most important factor is the ability to count the traffic that passes in front of your Retails – on the street or inside a shopping center.

With the STREET COUNTER system, you have an external people counter what provide you this information.

Use our people counter system, in order to increase the commitment, that you already have. You will be able to obtain all the necessary information to get the attention of new clients. Establish days of the biggest traffic outside your retail, take the advantage of it and get new clients.

Changing the storefront regularly, can help you in capturing new customer’s profiles,  motivate them to enter to your store and visit it again. You can also use it inside your retail and determine which areas of your establishment are the most interesting for your customers.

Complementing our STREET COUNTER system with PEOPLE COUNTER inside your establishment, you will determine the rush hours and check if the place where our retail is located is the correct one or not.

Our system allows you to export and supervise of all the data in WEB REPORT ™ and in the POS, in the same way like you do it in your ERP so you can manage all the information very fast.

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Convert impacts into sales

By knowing how many people are in your retail and where they are you can improve the communication and the customer´s experience.

Set up new profiles target

Change your storefront frequently and determine new customer profiles based on their impact and entry into retail.

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Improve the strategies
of your retail

Know the day of the biggest external traffic in your Retail and take the correct actions.


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this product in your Retail


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