Mall Waiting time management

Customer service streamlined at information points

Short waiting time & clean common areas

Having all the reverent information about the events and the peak hours is essential to avoid the crowds and long waiting times. Establishing a shift management system will be an advantage to control the activity of your shopping center.

You Will be able to

  • use a Smart management in common areas

    If the system detects more people than the established number at the information points or common areas, there will be send a notification to the responsible department to take action as soon as possible.

  • optimize staff quadrants

    Coordinate and evaluate the effectiveness of shifts according to customer traffic

  • know your what is your target

    Analyze trends in the behavior of visitors to your shopping center. Know how many clients and what are their doubts and usual requests. Use this information to improve the service.


Customer satisfaction and a  good management of your shopping center are very important.

Crowds are an important factor consider, especially if the center has information points or organizes events. Optimizing waiting times helps to improve the customer satisfaction and this will be an advantage for your center.

Our MALL WAITING TIMES system allows you to know the number of people who are waiting in each area of the shopping center and it allows you to set up the alerts to increase staff or to detect aeras where the customers need your help

If our feature detects more people than the established number, it will send a notification by message. It also is able to execute a previously determined action for an automating decision-making.

It also allows you to know the average time that customers spend in each area, helping you to improve the management of these areas. Define service ratios, for example, in the customer service area and other ratios to improve the customer experience in the shopping center.

Depending on the influx of people, you will be able to evaluate and coordinate the staff in a better way. By managing the waiting times in the queues well, you improve the paths of your customers.

Use this information to find out how customers behave in your shopping center, what their doubts and demands are. This will improve the service, that you offer.

Get the highest profitability for each business unit, value the time of the people in your center. Extend the time, they spend in your mall achieving a higher satisfaction level, commitment and with it the return to the shopping center.

Sistema de control de aforo


Offer more valuable time of those who visit your shopping center. This way the hours spent in your facilities to be more profitable for each business unit.

contador de personas

Valuable data for the future

Knowing the needs, questions and demands of your clients, and being able to associate their satisfaction level with your shopping center will allow you to make decisions to improve the management of your center.

Sistema de control de aforo

Customer satisfaction

The people who come to your center need to have a good time in your mall. Facilitate their journey within your facilities and work on their satisfaction to guarantee a return.


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