Know the level of satisfaction and the visitor's experience at your event to get a better conversion.

amazing experiences for your visitors in each area of the event


Use our solution to offer a quality waiting time. You can streamline the operations planned for the event and improve the experience of the visitors.


Use our solution ¨Happy¨ to know in real time the level of satisfaction of the visitors, act fast and get more engagement


Thanks to our time lapse solution you will be able to re-view the event the beginning to the end and at different speeds, either to detect changes and actions.


During the events,  satisfaction of the attendees is very important, being able to acquire and manage this information will allow you to improve the quality of your events. The SATISFACTION SYSTEM OF MIRAME.NET system will allow you to know the level of satisfaction and experience of your attendees, and this will improve the conversion of your event.

Our system for Event managing brings together different solutions that will allow you to improve the passage of your clients through your event. One of them is the WAITING TIMES solution, with which you can manage both the queues and the operations planned for your event in a much more efficient way and improve the experience of your visitors.

Another very useful tool, that will offer you a valuable information is HAPPY, which allows you to know the level of satisfaction of the event attendees by using satisfaction buttons during the events. This information will give you the opportunity to work with marketing and engagement tools to act as soon as possible.

The TIME LAPSE section will give you the option to view the event from beginning to end. We will be able to detect changes or take actions that can improve the event, and even distribute said Time Lapse to the attendees once the event is over.

These solutions are intended to evaluate and improve the level of satisfaction of the people who attend your event. All the tools are interconnected and share the data, creating an environment in which you will manage all the information in a visible and simple way. In addition to this, by having all the information about your attendees you will be able to anticipate actions and anticipate decision-making or the needs of the attendees and the event.

With our SATISFACTION EVENTS system you will improve the general experience of your attendees and you will obtain very useful information so that your events each time will have achieve a higher level of satisfaction.

Applied technology

  • With our solutions you will be able to evaluate and improve the level of satisfaction of the visitors.
  • We have tools that are connected to each other and that provide you all the relevant data.
  • Knowing the level of satisfaction will allow you to anticipate the actions and anticipate the needs of the attendees of your event.

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Real time

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