Retail Customer Experince

Know the opinion and the level of satisfaction of your customers

An excellent shopping experience

Don’t wait to know the opinion of your customers. Check  the level of  satisfaction of the clients in your store,  improve their experience and get more engagement. Include in your commercial spaces our simple system to evaluate satisfaction and know who needs more attention.

You Will be able to

  • Analyze the data in real time

    Platform to compare in Real time the customer´s satisfaction

  • Use a simple and intuitive platform

    You don't need complicated formules or algorithms, our interface is very intuitive and easy to interpret.

  • have an effortless integration and a pleasant experience

    Supervise or export all the data from Web Report ™a software with full integration into the POS and other ERP systems.


With our RETAIL HAPPY system, you know the happiness level of your clients before they leave the shop.

Happy´s interface is very simple and easy to interpret, our keypad is autonomous so it doesn´t need any type of power supply or internet connection since it works through IoT networks and the data is exported and managed in WEB REPORT , with a complete integration in the POS and other ERP systems.

Our solution measure the satisfaction level of your customer during the  purchase and analyze his engagement. It allows you to improve the service based on customer opinions and the level of satisfaction.

These surveys will allow you to have all the data in real time and know when the help of your staff is needed, this way you improve the weakest points of your business. By knowing the needs and demands of your customers you will improve your engagement, offering them everything they need with an optimal service.

For the customers it will be only a few minutes after completing the purchase to value their experience but for you and your business this information is more than important . Ensure the engagement and the satisfaction of the visitors of your retail.

Get the results quickly to act in the fastest way possible. By using RETAIL HAPPY system from MIRAME.NET in your establishments, you obtain analysis of the satisfaction level.

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Increase the sales

By improving the satisfaction of your customers you will have a fast return and possibilities of sales will increase.

Sistema de control de aforo

Collect the data

Don't wait to know your customer's opinion. In just a few seconds you will receive all the data about their experience.

Improve the experience

Actively verify the needs of your clients to improve the engagement by giving them what they need and when they neeed it.


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