video & Audio IP for Retail


Control music and playlists

what your customers see and hear matters

All the senses have an influence in the satisfaction and purchase the decisions. Play music according to seasonality, capacity or mood. Manage and schedule ads or audio campaigns centrally and remotely for all your commercial spaces.

The last technology in cameras solutions will allow you to optimize the operation costs. With 4K images and zoom adapted to your need you’ll have control of every corner of your business on remote.

You Will be able to

  • Have a high-quality IP audio

    Music has a huge impact in purchasing behaviors. Play selected tracks based on neuromarketing to activate purchase levers.

  • Display communications and offers

    Send messages and offers to your customers by Audio IP system and impact all their senses.

  • send messages and offers to your customers by Audio IP system to impact all their senses.

    Enjoy our solution even if you have analog speakers already installed. Our systems adapt to the infrastructure, that you already have. Manage lists from the same remote access point.

  • obtain images in high resolution

    You no longer have to be present to coordinate merchandising or inventories. See even the smallest detail with our zoom.

  • Have a secure and unlimited streaming

    Safe and unlimited streaming with secure storage and smart pixilation for data protection.

  • have an effortless integration and a pleasant experience

    Our systems are adapted to the infrastructure you already have. Access data and images from the same remote access point.


Create complete experiences for you client. Studies prove that the ear is involved in the purchasing decision process.

the latest technology

Project an
avant-garde philosophy to your clients by making use of non-traditional commercial tools.

contador de personas

Management and forecast of promotions

Seasonality largely determines promotions.

Sistema de control de aforo

Flexible systems

Our system
is adaptable
to your

Reliable and secure data

We priorate legal regulations,
smart pixelization and secure cloud space.

More profitable processes

Eliminate unnecessary transfers between and get a high quality transmission from anywhere.


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