Retail Staff Manager

We improve the effectiveness of your business and team.


We know that store staff is a key element to get profitability and productivity. With Staff manager you can manage your Retail staff based on the capacity and other variables to guarantee productivity.

You Will be able to

  • Plan all the processes more effectively

    Customer traffic data or sales history allow you to manage the number of employees by hours and days. Save on costs, increase sales and satisfy your customers.

  • Manage your Retail IN AN Easy and intuitive WAY

    Create your own databases, assign quadrants and templates in a few seconds. Our smart system suggests the right template based on multiple factors.

  • Increment cost effectiveness ratio

    Monitor the cost per store and discover where and how to impact the sales cycle. Increase profitability thanks to our exclusive Big Data system.

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Higher productivity

Manage your staff intelligently by taking into account space, traffic and their schedules.

Sistema de control de aforo

More profitable sales team

Match the skills of your team members with their skills and obtain better sales resoults.

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incentives according to sales

Effectively design an incentive program for your team and a motivation to involve them in your sales goals.


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