Count vehicles and manage parking with TrueView Parking™

TrueView Parking™ is a product to manage parking lots with integrated video analysis. The system is entirely based on the IP network, only using cameras shared with the IP network and compatible monitors to state and show the traffic to and from the parking lot. TrueView Parking™ does not require dedicated equipment or a programmable logical controller (PLC), inductive devices and costly civil works.

The solution can be easily installed in the existing network's layout, and can be at any physical location through the Internet.

Parking management

  • Economic parking management
  • 100% IP-network based system
  • Does not require loops or civil works

With our automatic and independent bi-directional vehicle counter system through cameras installed on the ceilings of parking lot entrances and exits.

The entire system consists of cameras with software Parking™ and informative IP screens that can be installed in a local network. In a parking garage with more floors, one camera can be appointed as the main one to collect and manage traffic data from all the other cameras in the system, and can also be set to send all the occupation level data directly to the screens to guide traffic.

sistema de control de estacionamiento
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sistema de control de estacionamientoProduct screens
sistema de control de estacionamiento sistema de control de estacionamiento
sistema de control de estacionamiento

Parking lot solutions

  • Without loops or civil works
  • 100% IP - economic, scalable, easy to maintain and update
  • Totally integrated with shared network cameras
  • Easy to install and adjust settings
  • Shows the occupation level directly in the camera
  • Complete integration with TrueView Web Report™
  • Bi-directional counter - counts vehicles entering and exiting
  • Remote IP control - remotely maintain the system, set and supervise parameters, download data, etc., through IP
  • Automatic validation of the network connection in the system
  • Support for several different manufacturers' IP screens
  • Automatically export data from the camera to TrueView Web Report™
  • Unlimited number of cameras, when combined with TrueView Web Report™
  • Configuration of all parking lot areas or levels of a website focused on one main camera
  • The quality of digital image processing minimises issues with shadows and reflections
  • Open protocol to integrate with point-of-sale data and other systems


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