Retail Wifi Tracking

Analytics and management On & Offline campaigns

Know the most frequent route of your customers

By having information about your customer’s usual path in your commercial space, you will be able to design an optimal path to improve the shopping experience. Effectively distribute the product and increase your profitability.

You Will be able to

  • Manage the store in real time by using our monitoring & analysis

    Have data of the most common paths.

  • Secure Device Reading

    Supervise Wi-Fi connections in the commercial areas, respecting the security of the data treatment

  • Have an effortless integration and pleasant experience

    Control the data in our Web Report ™ a fully integrated software that also exports to your ERP.


It is very important to have all the data needed in correct moments to know the paths of your customers. WIFI TRACKING allows you to know all that information in real time. Based on  detection of the mobile phones and respecting the data protection treatment.

Analyze this information to know the path, that your clients follow, in which points they spend more or less time, it allows you to discover the reason of the behavior of your clients.

By knowing the areas with less interest, you will could modify the commercial space to increase the interest of your clients in your products.

With all this information, you will know how to optimize the design of the best routs to improve the shopping experience as much as possible and thus ensure the higher return possible.

You will be able to see how they interact with the products, organize them in the best way. It will help you discover which ones of your products need more publicity for a better sales result.

The MIRAME.NET WIFI TRACKING system will provide you all the necessary information for your retail to obtain a high demand. It will also help to detect any failure or misused space in time.

With our system you can control all that data at the moment and modify it as quickly as possible to obtain the best return and ensure that the customer´s satisfaction.

You can export and supervise all the data in WEB REPORTTM.It is possible to integrate our solution with your ERP so you can manage the information in a more efficient and flexible way.

contador de personas


Analyze routes of your clients and distribute the visual impacts to favor their purchases.

Sistema de control de aforo

Know the preferences of your clients

Get specific data on where your customers have stayed the longest and analyze why it happens.

Space according to the client

Detects areas with less traffic and executes changes in the space to favor profitability per m²


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