Advertising Analytics

Digital signage with interactive data.

Visual and interactive messages

Impact your customers in a different way. Display all the audiovisual material that complements the shopping experience on digital screens. We offer you a specific data on the response and interaction with the user.

You will could

  • Have a high resolution content

    Use screens in different formats, resolution and orientation, which naturally adapt to your commercial space.

  • Analyze and convert data

    Compare the data with the traffic or in case of having conversion objectives.

  • An effortless integration and a pleasant experience

    Our systems and screens adapt to the space and resources you already have to make them the most profitable possible.

contador de personas


Keep your customers informed with offers and trends in your Retail to encourage their purchases.

Sistema de control de aforo

Collect reliable data

Generate interactions with informative screens and get data about their interests and conversion.

contador de personas

improve the planification process in your Retail

It anticipates the communicative impacts according to seasonality or launches. Actively communicate the benefits of the product.


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