Occupancy counter

Discover the affluence, occupancy, visiting time of customers to your Commercial Space in real time

Our occupancy counter, TrueView People Counter™ Occupancy, aims to help you to analyse the number of people in a certain space and to send the data directly to the auxiliary screen. All data obtained are locally controlled, and you can access them in a centralised way, in real time. Our people counter systems' reliability is 95%.

An application entirely integrated into Axis' IP-network cameras, so users can use the existing IP networks. Buildings are automated for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and more, for optimum performance. The systems are based on a variety of sensors to provide useful, precise information.

Use TrueView Occupancy™ to monitor how many people are occupying certain areas in your shop, shopping centre or waiting rooms, and view data in real time through the Internet.

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Occupancy counter

TrueView Occupancy™ is a powerful autonomous application to count people and to calculate occupancy with a series of benefits:

  • You can view average occupation and customer visiting time data in REAL TIME, creating immediate alerts via SMS or email.
  • The count is local, inside the camera.
  • The data can be retrieved at minute intervals, or also in real time.
  • The software is modular and entirely autonomous.
  • Manage and analyse the date in your commercial space anytime, anywhere.

This means you can Control The number of people in your space in real time

See precise occupancy in each time slot

Know the average visiting time of customers at your establishment

Be able to determine the right staff for each time of the day


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