Conduct your centre's Sales Audit electronically!

How can I...

  • Get rid of the need for in-person inspections (Mystery Shopper)?
  • Obtain a more precise view of customer preferences, and what their favourite products are?
  • Make sure the centre's mix is suitable?
  • Make sure that the work data hasn't been manipulated?
  • Eliminate weekly and monthly sales lists to streamline data collection and processing?

You can do all this, and much more, with our sales monitoring system. This application allows you to control all the transactions conducted with the TPV owned by different operators established in your shopping centre.

The main objective is to provide a centralised supervision tool so that you can access the information generated by different points of sale in real time.

With just one click, you can view the sales volume generated up until that time in each sales space, thereby guaranteeing the precision of the data received, and providing more clear, complete information on new business opportunities.

Find out details on the electronic sales audit system we have for your centre.

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