Discover your customers' demographics

Know from total visits

% of men and women and their age ranges

Determine the gender and age of visitors at your commercial establishment, knowing the % of men and women who have visited your establishment out of total visits.

Trace the profile of your customer type

For sign screens, display windows, display stands and other marketing elements

Our facial recognition programme can be used to measure customer response to commercialisation elements in the space, such as multimedia screens, mannequins, display windows, or even the main entrance.

TrueView Dwell Time™ provides instantaneous data updating. See the number of viewers directly in the system automatically, or export the data to Mirame Web Report™ for more efficient management and analysis.

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Facial recognition software


TrueView Dwell Time™ offers instantaneous access to demographic and behavioural data on customers, such as:

  • How many people are actually watching a marketing element,
  • Automatic analysis of customer gender
  • Statistics on viewing time.

Facial recognition

By placing a camera in the direction the customers are looking and connecting it to the PC where the application is installed, it automatically detects, monitors and analyses customers' faces in real time.


  • Automated system, operates in real time
  • Easy to install and adjust settings
  • Eliminates video images, guaranteeing that the integrity of personal data remains secure
  • Unlimited number of cameras in a shop or shop chain
  • Determines the gender of the viewer
  • Counts the people who are viewing the communication media, as well as how long each person views it
  • The quality of digital image processing minimises issues with shadows and reflections
  • Exports counter data with Mirame Web Report™
  • Open protocol to integrate with point-of-sale data and other systems


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