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Use precise information on bicycle and pedestrian traffic statistics

Entities all over the world are increasingly using plans and conducting audits for pedestrian and cyclist safety. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for more economical and ecological transport options, with a greater need to create special lanes for these transport methods. Therefore, we need to be able to measure pedestrian and cyclist traffic data from these lanes.

How can I...

  • Improve development and planning for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructures?
  • Monitor and analyse bicycle and pedestrian traffic trends?
  • Promote cycling and said lanes inside and outside my public space?

Bicycles are one of the most efficient vehicles as far as space, parking, fuel consumption and pollution are concerned. The increased use of bicycles can reduce the need for new infrastructures and the costs that they entail.

Bicycle™ is a product to count pedestrians and cyclists. This is a cutting-edge, easy-to-install, economic and scalable solution. It provides a powerful autonomous application that directly integrates into cameras, using existing IP networks, with no need for magnetic loops or any civils works.

Discover the answer to all of these questions with our people counter system.

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Bike Counter


  • Does not require magnetic loops or civil works
  • Automatically tells the difference between cyclists and pedestrians
  • Bi-directional counter - it counts cyclists and pedestrians moving in two different directions simultaneously
  • Precise counter, even under high-density conditions
  • Software can be totally integrated with a standard IP camera
  • 100% IP - economic, scalable, easy to maintain and update
  • Unlimited number of cameras on a webpage or webpage group when combined with TrueView Web Report™
  • Seamless integration with TrueView Web Report™
  • Easy to install and adjust settings
  • Remotely maintain it with IP, adjust and monitor parameters
  • Automatically send camera data with TrueView Web Report™
  • Incorporates graphs in the camera's web interface
  • The leading digital image processor minimises problems with shadows or reflections
  • The open protocol integrates traffic data from other systems.

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic

Use precise information from statistics

  • Improve development and planning for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructures
  • Monitor and analyse bicycle and pedestrian traffic trends
  • Promote cycling and said lanes inside your city and out


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