Ad-hoc Vídeo IP

Infinite surveillance possibilities

Network video offers more ways to protect access to a video than an analogical CCTV system. To prevent viewing and disseminating illegal content, passwords can be used to limit access, and the video is encrypted before being sent to the network. The system can also be used to authenticate the connection with encrypted certificates that only accept a specific network camera, eliminating the possibility of anyone being able to spy on the line.

The video surveillance market has exponentially grown over the past few years, driven by technological changes and recognition of these systems to increase public and private security.

Network video, often called IP video surveillance or IP surveillance, uses an IP network through a wireless network or with a cable to transport video, digital audio data and more. When the technology of Power over Ethernet (PoE) is applied, the network can also be used to bring electricity to network video products. This provides for controlling and registering the video system anywhere in the network, whether, for example, a local area network (LAN) or a network (WAN) such as the Internet.

Converting CCTV to IP Video

If you have made a large investment in analogical CCTV systems, we can offer you IP-video migration technology that does not invalidate your investments. With an Axis IP-video solution, you can integrate your current analogical system into an IP-based solution. The solution provides for enjoying many functions, such as horizontal/vertical/distance zoom movement, electrical power supply through Ethernet, or video audio and movement detection, all while meeting the client's demands as far as image quality, recording capacity, reliability and profitability are concerned.

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